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  • ATAGI Approved

    Halfpenny Discount Pharmacy is an approved vaccination provider for the Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) COVID-19, Spikevax (Moderna) COVID-19 and Comirnarty (Pfizer) vaccines.

  • Adult and Paediatric

    Pfizer Available

    Moderna Available

    *Eligibility as per ATAGI guidelines- note: Astra Zeneca is no longer available in Australia

  • 2024 Influenza Vaccines

    Under 65 under NIP - $10

    Under 65 - $20

    Over 65 - $10

    *Please call to check availability of other vaccines eg. Shingles, Whooping Cough, MMR, etc

  • Checking when you can receive your vaccine

    To find out when you are eligible to receive the vaccine, visit healthdirect website and complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker.

    This will tell you which phase of the rollout you are in.

  • A vaccine is a type of medicine that:

    • Helps people fight a virus if they come in contact with it
    • Can stop people from getting very sick from the virus.

    The price for a vaccine administered under the NIP is $14.95.

  • Recommended Ages

    Annual influenza vaccination is recommended and funded for all children aged 6 months to <5 years, and all adults aged ≥65 years.


MedAdvisor is a software that puts a virtual pharmacist, ‘Pharmacist Phil’ on your smart phone, tablet or PC. It connects with your local pharmacy to help you take medication safely, effectively and on-time.

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